Few places stimulate the imagination for better or worse than India, though travel posters seem to have focused primarily on elephants, the Taj Mahal, and multi-armed Hindu deities to sell a continent-sized country full of over a thousand languages and just as many cultures. Still, the colorful, detailed designs make up for the lack of thematic ideas.


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  1. Don't think I'll be back that way for a while; when you headed South America way? Must be amazing still being at the forefront of the opening of Vietnam. Will definitely add you to the blogroll.-Fly Bro

  2. Great posters!England to India in 6 days?? As much as we complain, imagine 6 days in the air, landing to refuel and eat, in the air again. Air travel has really progressed.

  3. Brian: Thanks, dude! I guess six days isn't much compared to a three-week sea voyage, but that must have been agony (especially stopping in dry, dusty places like Iraq, with no A/C).Passport: Thanks a lot. I enjoy digging up these old posters, so stay tuned.

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