To the East, Fly Brother

To the East, Fly Brother

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Should all the stars align and everything go according to plan, I will be touching down in my very first sub-Saharan African country at the end of June: Ghana. For ten days, I’ll be soaking up the culture and history of Accra, capital city of a country whose inhabitants, whether they accept it or not, are my cousins, my family. Pan-Africanist Kwame Nkrumah was born there. Pan-Africanist WEB Du Bois died there. I expect to discover something of myself there.

Any suggestions on activities to be done, experiences to be had, and people to know while in Accra will be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, take a gander at these videos about Ghana’s new generation of leaders, its reception of Diasporic blacks, and its colors and flavors via Anthony Bourdain:


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  1. First things first, Ghana is AMAZING!

    I lived in Ghana for six months of last year (Jan-June) and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The people are the some of the most friendly in the world and it quickly felt like home.

    Places to Go:
    In Accra
    – The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial
    – Labadi Beach (not the resort, the actual beach. its usually pretty crowded, but its worth a visit on Wednesday night (Reggae Night) There is a live band and festivities. Also, get used to reggae nights Ghanaians LOVE them some reggae.
    – Osu is where the nightlife is. There is a jumping local party place there called The Container you should check out

    (Honeslty, i didn’t spend too much time in Accra, I was based in a village between Accra and Cape Coast called Kasoa. I explored the East and the North more than anywhere else.)

    In Cape Coast (please find your way out of Accra to the Cape)
    – Cape Coast Castle (former slave castle – British)
    – Elmina Castle (former slave castle – Portuguese)

    Near Cape Coast
    – Kakum National Park (there is an amazing and scary canopy walk. the views are amazing if you’re not deathly afraid of heights)
    – There are also various monkey sanctuaries and a crocodile lake somewhere around there if you’re into animals.

    Further East
    – Takoradi
    – Busua Beach – lovely beach village in the east that’s great for surfing (look for Black Star Surf Shop)

    If you really want to go off the grid I would recommend Butre Beach (near Busua) it is near a small fishing village that is simply unspoiled. By far one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. There is only one option for lodging there. The Hideout Lodge.


    Mole National Park – Wildlife reserve where the animals are literally everywhere and hang out at your front door. Went on a proper safari (Its not quite like the ones you hear about in South Africa, but its still worth it to me.)

    Kumasi – Home of the great Ashanti tribe. Ashanti people are so proud. Kumasi is a great place to go to learn the history of Ghana and West Africa, you can visit the National Cultural Complex and Kejetia Market.

    Other Fun Places

    Kokrobite – about 40mins from Accra -small beach town and fishing village. I stayed at a bungalow type place called Big Milly’s Backyard. Its really hidden and tucked away but you’ll be able to find it.

    I can’t think of anywhere else now. But if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

    Love your blog and best of luck!


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