Thoughts of an American Expatriate After a Spur-of-the-Moment Weekend Trip Home

Thoughts of an American Expatriate After a Spur-of-the-Moment Weekend Trip Home

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•    Everything is so clean.
•    Everything is so cheap.
•    There are indeed a few loud, obnoxious American douchebags. Conversely, most Americans are friendly, polite, and helpful.
•    Products come in too much unnecessary packaging.
•    The weather couldn’t be any more pleasant than in Northeast Florida in spring.
•    At 72, my mother is age-defying.
•    The McNamara Terminal at Detroit Metro Airport is off the hook (see image above). Motown, baby.
•    I remain deeply ambivalent about Wal-Mart’s (very handy) extra low prices.
•    The fruit looks unnaturally unblemished.
•    Tyler Perry continues to degrade the race and proffer pure d. coonery in the name of “success.”
•    The TV news is still slanted heavily towards inconsequential drivel while the country unravels socially, economically, and politically.
•    My faith that “the people” are informed enough to make wise electoral choices remains nil.
•    No free in-coming cell calls sucks!



  1. I’d been out of the country for just short of a month. When I got up into the domestic terminal at DFW (after leaving the plush frequent flyer lounge where it was oh so quiet), I was struck by the noise from CNN. I swear, the whole time I was there, every other word was either “Islam” or “Muslim”. I wasn’t sure who to punch, but I really wanted to punch someone.

  2. LOL I love it. I coulda written most of them myself two years ago. 🙂 Too bad you missed Sunday night’s big news – I was walking through the Magic Kingdom at Disney World of all places when my cell phone lit up, and there were mysterious shouts and screams and yells around that didn’t make sense until I saw the news on my phone. It was surreal.

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