FLY BROTHER premieres this fall on DREAM TV

FLY BROTHER, the television show, is all about connecting with the people across backgrounds and boundaries. It’s about traveling with an element of cultural sophistication and global awareness. Each episode centers on the personal travel style of Ernest White II—storyteller, explorer, and travel influencer—as he connects with familiar and unfamiliar destinations around the world and experiences the wonder of each place with friends old and new.

The first 8-episode season of FLY BROTHER is scheduled to premiere in August 2017 on the Dream Network, a new U.S.-based cable channel focusing on multicultural programming and airing to 20 million North American households on television, as well as 200 million additional households around the world via the Roku online streaming platform.

Extraordinary, exciting experiences featured in the first season include exploring the otherworldly landscapes of Cape Town, touring mammoth São Paulo, discovering the hidden corners of Tbilisi, and chilling to the soulful sounds of Stockholm’s eclectic music scene, all with engaging, enlightening people who have all helped expand Ernest’s world over the years.

It’s time to bring new, untold stories to the world of travel. It’s time to FLY.

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KXLA – Los Angeles, California
WHPR/COMCAST 91 – Detroit, Michigan
WBQP – Pensacola, Florida
WJSU – Jackson, Mississippi
WBCF/WXFL – Florence/Decatur, Alabama

FLY BROTHER is a production of Do Rio Filmes
Producer and host: Ernest White II
Director and camera: Pedro Serra
Screenplay: Hermano Beaumont
Texts and voiceover: Ernest White II
Editing: Juliana Nicolini