Love Yourself in 2018. Travel.

Love Yourself in 2018. Travel.

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Travel is an act of love. There is romance in dreaming of a destination. There is seduction in planning the adventure. There is  There is commitment in making the journey. In a time when boundaries and borders are tightening all over the globe, the need for people and places to connect is stronger than ever. When we travel, we get to understand the world from a perspective that we hadn’t considered. We get to see ourselves in people who don’t look like us. We get to be vulnerable. We get to be healed. We get to be surprised, delighted, inspired, and maybe even loved back. We get to be new. We get to be.

Remember, too, that travel—like love—comes in many forms. If physical travel isn’t possible at the moment, you can travel in the pages of a book. You can travel through the fictive dream of the cinema. You can travel on waves of music. Eventually, though, the money and the mood will align, and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in the romance of the road and the seduction of the skies.

Love yourselves this year. Travel.

Happy Everything in 2018!
Ernest White II, Creator



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