Gratitude: The FLY BROTHER Annual Review 2017

Gratitude: The FLY BROTHER Annual Review 2017

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It’s the end of 2017 and time to take a quick look back in appreciation and gratitude at the phenomenal happenings that have marked my year in travel. I actively planned some of these, but others were manifested by divine hand. Regardless, I’m humbled to say that this has been an incredible year of growth and evolution in my career as a storyteller and explorer.

Filmed 8 episodes of FLY BROTHER, the television show
What started as a simple idea has come to fruition and is still morphing into many iterations and opportunities. While the show didn’t debut on the date that we initially chose or expected, the fact that we filmed an entire season of FLY BROTHER—a hybrid reality-travel television show about friendship and connection across backgrounds and boundaries, and with some of my best friends in life!—doesn’t just speak to an incredible accomplishment this year, but an incredible life accomplishment. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Visited 11 new countries in 2017
1. Chile
2. Georgia
3. Ethiopia
4. Iceland
5. Kenya
6. Kyrgyzstan
7. Mali
8. Mongolia
9. Morocco
10. Portugal
11. Senegal

Spoke about travel and writing at:
Veteran Nomads Muster — Honolulu
New York Travel Festival — New York City
NonfictioNOW — Reykjavik
NMDN Alternative Travel Conference — New York City
Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad & Global Citizenship — New York City
TBEX Europe — Killarney, Ireland
Bethany College — Lindsborg, Kansas
Airline Expo 2017 — New York City

Attended the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, which has encouraged my filmmaking endeavors and reminded me that visibility and empowerment are part of my mission. Incidentally, it is illegal to be gay in India, so nearly all the participants and attendees were subject to arrest just by owning their sexuality. That is heroism, folks.

Articles, essays, and other writing published in:
Bradt’s Tajikistan guidebook
The Pilgrimage Chronicles: Embrace the Quest travel anthology
Getaway Magazine
Axess: The Lifestyle Magazine of Celebrity Cruises
Horizons Magazine (Royal Caribbean)

Interviewed in three podcasts:
Deviate with Rolf Potts
Make Light with Karen Walrond
Yusef Wateef, Adventurer!

Finally, the resurrection of FLY BROTHER, the digital travel journal/magazine/blog all rolled into one. I’m going to use the word magazine, however, because I like the idea, and my content is a bit more editorial than most other travel blogs. Tune in for new posts every Monday and Thursday, with supplemental content—ebooks, city guides, webinars—on the way!

In fact, there’s a lot more coming in 2018, including the return of the FLY BROTHER RADIO SHOW, and much, much more! It’s time to get lifted even higher. Again, many, many thanks to those of you who have stuck with FLY BROTHER through thick and thin, thanks to those of you just joining me on the journey, and, above all, infinite thanks to the universe for the duty to uplift, empower, encourage, enlighten, and inspire.

Let’s fly!

Featured image credit: Ankhbayar Tumurhuyag, Mongolia, 2017.



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