Ethiopia’s Mountain Monkeys

Ethiopia’s Mountain Monkeys

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Perched atop the “Roof of Africa,” Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains National Park features dramatic cliffs, promontories, peaks, and valleys that provide the perfect setting for any fantasy film. Situated between the ancient imperial cities of Aksum and Gondar in the north of the country and first deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1978, the park contains a swath of some of the most unique mountainous landscapes in the world. At over 25 million years old, the mountains come from an age even before the creation of the Great Rift Valley. Endangered wildlife species such as the Ethiopian wolf, walia ibex, and gelada monkey call the breathtaking Simien Mountains home.

Contrary to popular belief among tourists, the name Simien comes from the Amharic word for “north” and is unrelated to the monkeys that forage, frolic, and fight along the ridges and outcroppings of the mountains. The gelada monkeys, sometimes classed as baboons, even allow visitors to get up close and personal. Well, close enough to take a few videos, anyway.

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