Dreamy Weather

Dreamy Weather

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Living outside of the United States and watching television in English usually means a few hours of CNN. But CNN International is a whole other animal from domestic CNN, including how the global iteration of the Atlanta-based Cable News Network produced otherwise-mundane features such as the weather report.

While the weather music is an up-to-date mash-up of pulsing rhythms from around the world, it’s the weather filler from the early 2000s that resonates most with our urge to travel, to explore, to dream. Particularly, it’s the ethereal, transcendent quality of the electro-jazz music, mixed with the cloud imagery and the names of far-off places, that speak directly to an interminable sense of wanderlust and the dream-like nature of global connectedness and, well, travel. You can literally get lost in this.

Thank you, CNN International, for helping us dream.

Is there any other random television spot or filler that makes you want to travel?



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