Rifling through dusty and forgotten things back at the homestead in Jacksonville, I ran across my old CD collection. With over 400 discs, you could say that I was something of a music junkie, but music had been my way of traveling by proxy for years. One of the flyest standouts in my collection is Jazzanova, a Berlin-based collective of DJs and musicians that has been expertly mixing sounds and cultures since the mid-90s. Jazzanova defies categorization, at once jazz, soul, electronica, and house, but it’s the perfect accompaniment to a long drive, a chill evening at home, or an international flight. Have a listen and get lifted:

And then, there’s the live show:


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    • Indeed. Jazzanova is off the hook. Berlin represents well with the mix of Afro-Euro musical styles. Check out some of my other favorites in the Global Juke Joint…I’m sure you’ll like some of them.

      Paz e bem!

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