Currently, I’m running around São Paulo collecting data and testing out adjectives for use in the reviews I’m writing for the Total São Paulo guide.  Meanwhile, I’ll leave you armchair travelers with a little retro footage from SP’s nemesis, Rio de Janeiro, to spark the wanderlust and maybe incite a couple of ticket purchases to Brazil.  Taken from the 1967 film Ritmo de Aventura (Rhythm of Adventure), we follow the director in his flying machine over the streets and beaches of the Marvelous City. Hope you like:

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  1. Nice, I remember seeing this vid a while back. Pilot’s got some balls takin that ‘copter thru the tunnel. Nowadays in the favelas these cats got bazookas and shoot down police choppers just to flex some muscle… not sure if you were here for that, but it was all over the news.

  2. Hey!

    Long story short, I just got back from South America where I went backpacking for two months! It was amazing! I kept a detailed private blog the whole time I was there, so I will be publishing bits form it in terms of places I went, people I met, any insights etc. My blog address is and obviously I’m trying to spread some awareness that my blog has just joined the blogosphere.

    I’ve linked to your blog so if you link to mine that would be great as I’d really appreciate it! Do check out my blog when you have the time!

    I also have some upcoming trips already planned so my blog will be very active.


  3. @Cell: I remember seeing it, dude. Literally bringing out the big guns!

    @Blackpacker: I’ll link you, man, but try and vary your comments on people’s blogs, dude. Don’t just copy/paste. Looking forward to reading the blog.

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